Thursday, 27 December 2012

Caricatures for the Band...

This was a cool project. Mike's in a band and wanted caricatures of all the band for marketing. His first run at it he got everyone, then he came back. One of the band members left. Unfortunately the artist that did his original caricatures was not available. Not to despair, our artist Jay made it to the rescue. He was  able to duplicate the look and feel and Mike was really happy with his caricature.

Can you tell the one Jay did? Answer below

The compliment he gave us was:

Yesterday I gave feedback on Ray and accidentally selected "dislike". 
That is certainly not the case. His work was stellar and his turnaround time was fantastic.
Please do what you can to remedy my error as he is a great asset to your site.
I WILL be back again.
thanks again
Mike E.

The caricature Jay did to match the others was the LAST at the bottom. 

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