Monday, 31 December 2012

Rodel Rocks with Some Caricatures

Rodel was one busy artist this Christmas Season and he did some great work. Is there anything more fun than doing caricatures? Actually yes, we'd love to see the expressions of the people who get them, it's usually laughter and joy. Who doesn't like getting a caricature of themselves. 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Caricatures for the Band...

This was a cool project. Mike's in a band and wanted caricatures of all the band for marketing. His first run at it he got everyone, then he came back. One of the band members left. Unfortunately the artist that did his original caricatures was not available. Not to despair, our artist Jay made it to the rescue. He was  able to duplicate the look and feel and Mike was really happy with his caricature.

Can you tell the one Jay did? Answer below

The compliment he gave us was:

Yesterday I gave feedback on Ray and accidentally selected "dislike". 
That is certainly not the case. His work was stellar and his turnaround time was fantastic.
Please do what you can to remedy my error as he is a great asset to your site.
I WILL be back again.
thanks again
Mike E.

The caricature Jay did to match the others was the LAST at the bottom. 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Caricature Style...

All our artists have different styles. This one is from Joseph and really fun. The great things about caricatures is the exaggeration. This looks like it's going to be one fun card. I'm hoping they are having a great christmas today!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Awe...looks like love...

Paul did this caricature. Customer loved it. Great Job Paul. Here's what our customer had to say.

Please let Paul know we are very happy with our caricature. We really appreciate how quickly he was able to get it done, and it turned out great.


Ryan Tei

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Awesome Video of TV Caricatures....

Here's a great video of TV caricatures. They might be caricatures but I'm sure you'll agree these are more than that, they are world class works of art, not just caricatures. Maybe you want one for yourself, a family member or friend, we have over 30 different artists to chose from. Everyone loves a caricature.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

What is a caricature - Some History....

What is Caricature?

Caricature is a distorted picture of a person, intended to be humorous, satirical, or insulting. The caricaturist usually exaggerates an easily recognized feature of the subject's appearance or habits, such as a large nose, bushy eyebrows, an unfriendly expression or a distinctive way of dressing.

Until recently, affectionate caricature was less common, which emphasizes some admired or warmly regarded trait. The subject of a caricature may be either a particular person or an easily recognizable type. Usually the caricature can be appreciated only if its subject is well known.

A political cartoon, for example, may caricature a public figure by endowing him with animal characteristics. Political leaders are constantly caricatured in cartoons that appear in newspapers and magazines. These caricatures are intended as comments on political events, and they may show politicians as praiseworthy, ridiculous or even evil.

Literary forms of caricature include satire, parody, and burlesque, all of which ridicule subjects through comic exaggeration. The term "caricature", however, generally refers to pictorial representations.

Caricature in the modern sense, the distortion of a real person or type, was first practiced by such Renaissance artists as Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Diirer. Extreme exaggeration characterizes the 16th-century grotesque art of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Brueghel. At the same time, caricature became an independent art in the satirical portraits of Annibale Carracci.

The term caricatura was first used by Annibale Carracci, the classical painter, to signify drawings pregnant with wit (caricare, to load).

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Three Amigos....

It never ceases to amaze us of the great work our artists do, simply world class. Look at this great caricature by Jay.

We also loved the fact that it has three surgeons, not subject matter you see everyday. All of us at Caricature Toons hope they really enjoyed it.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Scott and James Caricature by Jagdish

Here's one Jagdish recently did. A couple of Buddies, Scott and James. Here's what he had to work with, here's what he did. Definitely check out Jagdish's gallery, he does some awesome work.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Martial Arts Caricature Toons by Gaby

From the time you were young, you thought of performing stunts that you witnessed on television, ignoring several warnings, most popularly, the "Please don’t try this at home" awareness. Almost every person with or without siblings come across the time when they act like the character Tom and Jerry, only that we are not a cat and a mouse. Memories can be cherished all time. Imagine your life is animated as a comic strip. Ask yourself, how fun and sweet it will be to have our earlier days as Martial arts caricature toons. Most importantly, who will fill the booth of the Villains? While you automatically single out the hero role. A caricature in action looks funny and confers a humorous message. The thought of you somersaulting and single handedly taking on your enemies sounds like an action movie. The protagonist played by you. This can happen here, as we will create caricature toons of your choice with uniqueness and well-organized cartoon.

Friday, 23 March 2012

English Football Caricature Toons by Gaby

Every football aficionado knows how popular English football is or else also known as English Premier League. Since, its inception in the year 1992. Till date, it is the most glamorous and most watch football league around the world. Every English football clubs page on social networking sites boast millions and millions of followers and fans. The revenues of several clubs are sky rocketing. Do you look up to English football Superstar footballer as a role model? Do You live, breathe and eat football? It is often that, you have no mood when your favorite football club looses a match as you end up biting your nails. Is collecting images of your favorite football star your hobby? So, now is your chance to get hold of your favorite player by using Caricature cartoons. You can create your favorite footballer or coaches with the wackiest and craziest character. This sure will give you a smile on your face whether your team loose or win matches. If you have been considering gifting something which is valuable, and creative to your pals, who are football craze. Then, the best choice you can decide on is to present them a caricature cartoon. You can create cartoon strips of Rooney to Van Persie to Drogba, literally any names and players you like. Using humor when you are creating a caricature cartoon can be as enjoyable as an Oscar script if there’s a place for false impression, e.g. with superstar Fernando Torres losing his form, you can let him score several goals match after match. This at least can happen on caricature. Caricature cartoon depicting the Carlos Tevez- Mancini saga will also be a real hit. Just go wild with your creativity.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Boxing Caricature Toons by John

Most of the peoples in the world enjoy this sport called boxing, and with this is mind caricature toons brings you Boxing Caricature Toons. It can be a great gift for someone who is a boxer or loves boxing.

Did you know that Muhammad Ali was the first professional fighter to win the lineal heavyweight championship three times. Our artists can include the name of your favorite boxer or you favorite boxing club. So, wait no more and call up caricature toons today to order your Boxing Caricature Toons.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

School Caricature Toons by John

Who wouldn’t love to be back in the schooldays? We have alumni gatherings, school-gang get-together and other back-to-school events to bask in the memory of those carefree days of childhood! You will love to relish each of these unforgettable moments! So why not put them on a paper and frame them to cherish in your hearts? A funny caricature toon will be the best idea to surprise your school pals with. Think of some memorable and hilarious experience of schooldays and share it with us. Also, give us photographs of you and your pals who were involved in the situation. Our skilled caricaturists will design a funny toon depicting you and your friends being caught up in that funny incident. These artists are experts in picking up details from photographs. They accentuate the facial features skillfully, while preserving the integrity to give the characters a comical look and make the caricature more humorous. School Caricatures make a perfect gift for your schoolmates on special get-together events and alumni meets. It is indeed a great pleasure to relive those memorable moments of schooldays through these cute caricature toons. For those of your friends who seem lost in the busy schedule of career and life, these toons will be a breeze of fresh air. They will cherish these memorable drawings in their heart of hearts for all the time to come! These caricatures will mean a lot to the less fortunate of your friends, who are still trying hard to make their ends meet. These toons will surely spread a smile on their faces and give them a new spark of hope.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Fishing Caricature Toons by Steven

Finding out what a boyfriend, father or husband likes is really a very difficult job. We all know that guys by and large are not fascinated by either gifts that women give them, or pictures if women click them. So what do you do when you are facing such a dilemma? Well, you can gift him caricatures. If, the guy happens to like fishing or any other such recreational activity, then fishing caricature toons can be a perfect gift for him. Fishing caricature toons can be given on any occasion. They can act as perfect gifts for an Anniversary, Birthday gift or even Valentine’s Day, and they are sure to love it. They can be put up in various forms. For instance due to their flexibility they can be easily imprinted on mugs, T-shirts, aprons, coasters, luggage tags, playing cards, tiles, canvas, cards, stickers. They can even be used in frames or as wall hangings, so you see there is a lot of variety to choose from.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Work Caricature Toons by Charlie

Wondering what to gift your boss on his birthday? A funky work caricature toon can be an awesome and unique gift for him. The smart caricature of your boss standing in front of his car would totally surprise him. Our caricature artists have an immense amount of skills to enliven your description. They are a pro at creating a variety of work caricature toons. Whether it is the toon of an engineer, an entrepreneur, a computer technician, a writer, a fashion model, an architect, a construction worker, or a doctor, we have a caricature toon for all. You name it, and we have it! You will get the wackiest and weirdest ideas at our store. You will be extremely delighted with the results that you get here. If, your dad is an advocate then you can probably gift a perfect work caricature toon that portrays your dad’s caricature wearing a lawyer’s coat, holding a judgment hammer in his hand. You can play with gestures, expressions and habits when it comes to creating a caricature toon. Any kind of work profession can be molded into a caricature toon. You can also plan on gifting your favorite teacher a sketch from our talented artists. He will prepare a jazzy work caricature that will reflect your teacher’s caricature with a book and a chalk while she is writing on the board.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Running Caricature Toons by Steven

Caricatures in motion have the ability to look extremely funny. If the caricature is running, swimming, hoping, or jogging it brings in a much livelier feel to it. The running caricature toons look very funny and wacky. Imagine a running caricature of your dad on a t-shirt! Isn’t that a totally hilarious idea? It is quite a fun idea to have a running caricature toon on any of these products like a t-shirt, a badge, a mug, a sketch, a greeting card, a cap, or a magazine page. You can take up any of your family member’s pictures and make a running caricature out of it at our store. It will be a nice and humorous gift idea for your family and friends. Such a toon is usually dressed up in track suits, sports gears and funky sports wears, which make them, look totally cool and groovy. If there is a marathon race being conducted, then these caricatures can be of great use there. All the participants can wear t-shirts with running caricature toons, which promotes the event in a fun way. Even the banners of a marathon race can have running caricature toons drawn on them as it gives a very appealing and lively spirit to the whole atmosphere. These caricatures can be made use of at any sporty occasion. They look snazzy and funny and light up the entire ambience. Whether it is a college, school, or society sports event, a running caricature will look great anywhere.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Extreme Sports Caricature Toons by Peter

People around the world always tend to play safe. Most of us do not do things that are off the hook. Most days of our lives are similar to the other days. There is little or no adventure in our life. Fear is the biggest thing that stops most of us to do things in a different manner. That’s the reason most people in the world are alike. People don’t want to take risks in their so called ‘perfect life’, which is directly proportional to the adjective ‘boring’. The formula for an adventurous and exciting life style is not to play safe. We should learn to take some risks in life; this is the spice of life. The best way to make your life exciting and adventurous is to participate in extreme sports. Adventure, risk, excitement, courage, endurance, etc. are adjectives that define extreme sports. An extreme sport is a term given to the number of sports activities, which involve a high level of danger. Extreme sports are also popularly known as free sports, action sports and adventure sports. The sport usually involves speed, height, stunts and physical exertion. In many countries, extreme sports are also regarded as “counter culture”. However, in spite of their belief, it is not a counter culture. There are numerous activities that are included in extreme sports, like base jumping, free ski, wild water rafting, surfing, bungee jumping, surfing, BMX, skateboarding and many more. People indulging in extreme sports surely live life off the edge.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Wedding Caricature Toons by Rodel

Caricatures make an entertaining and exciting addition to a wedding. They can either become gifts to the Bride and Groom, or they can make a perfect thank you gift for the wedding entourage. Whatever you do it is always going to have fond memories etched in the minds. You can always fit in wedding caricature toons into attractive, personalized invitations, menus and even accessories to make an impression on your guests. Weddings are too memorable an occasion to pass, and you sure can make them last a lifetime if you get it right with us. Wedding caricature toons bring a delightful, beautiful blend of bliss and sobriety.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Retirement Caricature Toons by Jonathan

It has been a delight working with your colleague and now they announce that they are retiring what an awesome and yet an awful feeling. You want to make your colleague feel special by doing something extraordinary, and all the gift items you could think of are already gifted. You find yourself in a soup well worry not our retirement caricature toons are here to help. These caricatures will help you thank them and show them that you care. After all, retirement is the much justified break after a lifetime of hardships and accomplishments in one’s lifetime. Reaching the milestone of retirement calls for a celebration that does unfeigned justice to the occasion. So, how about rejoicing all those years of hard work with an unforgettable caricature? Caricatures are neat and witty little gifts that can make some of the best rewards and certificates for the one about to retire. Retirement caricature toons can be one of the best ways to alleviate and cheer up the profound emotional mood of retiring. These caricatures will help you make the process of retirement trouble-free, and thus give hope in the direction to a positive and fresh future. You may fall short of words and may even be worried that your thoughts do not bring in any embarrassment or hurt someone's feelings. So, do not think so much as we bring to you retirement caricature toons that you can use and brighten someone’s mood.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Engagement Caricature Toons by Dukudraw

Thinking of popping the question to your lady love? Way to go! This is the moment to cherish since you would be living your entire life with someone you love the most. By just looking at the person, you’re insanely in love with, makes you want to do something more for that big day. Obviously when the day rolls around, everything must be perfect. There are umpteen ways to propose to the person you love so dearly. In some instances, the time and place comes very naturally to you. However at other times, one may need inspiration. Relax as Engagement Caricature Toons is here to make your day a bit more thrilling and memorable. Caricature Toons engagement caricatures are a fabulous and unique gift for a person to remember his engagement. We have loads of exciting ideas for Engagement Caricature Toons that include beach couple, bride and groom, Bond style, and skiing couple to pick from. All one needs to do is, select the style that suits him or her the most, and leave the rest to us. Tell us something about the person whom you would be tying the knot soon, for instance, hair color, eye color, height, body structure, as well as profession. Our extremely skilled artists would leave no stone unturned when it comes to your Engagement Caricature Toons. The background can be anything that you desire from the Taj Mahal to the Burj Khalifa – it can be anything that one desires. Thinking of throwing an engagement party for family and friends? That’s even better, as Caricature Toons can help out in sending exceptional invitations. For a lot of people, getting engaged is far more romantic than actually getting married. This may be a true belief for some, since commitment is a new beginning of the build up to the Wedding Day.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pet Caricature Toons by Jerry

Caricatures are made in an attempt to poke fun and thus they are drawn for sheer entertainment purposes. Caricatures help in noticing the inner beauty each one of us possesses. Sometimes a few touches can distort a face but still make it risible to look at. It is said and is without a doubt true that some of the best caricatures turn up to be those that draw attention to the best of one's personality and/or their physical traits. Caricatures in all probability can influence one’s outlook and point of view in a variety of ways. Caricatures can make the impossible possible and we will tell you how. You can have your very own pet caricature toons. Yes, you heard that right, we make every effort to make certain that you get fun, amusing and absolutely affordable pet caricature toons. We do this so that you can celebrate just about any occasion in life. For all of you who just absolutely love their pets be it cats, dogs or just any other pet that you have and absolutely adore pet caricature toons will surely make you love them even more. These will simply give you another reason to make them the center of your life. Your pets are your extended family. Every pet looks forward to be loved and cared for from their respective owner. So, why not take this million dollar opportunity to make yourself feel that you do love and care for your pet? A caricature of those hairy and wooly creatures will be an ideal way to capture how much they mean to you.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Vacation Caricature Toons by Rodel

Going on a vacation is the best time for anyone. No matter how busy work keeps you, you always desire a break from the monotony. So what do you do? Planning a holiday with your spouse and kids? Hooray, that means it’s a surprise, and they have no idea what’s coming? You need to think of something unique to surprise them. Well, here’s your chance of brining a smile on their faces with vacation caricature toons. Be it a small trip to the Bahamas, or a huge lavish excursion to Disneyland, we assure to make it the most unforgettable journey for you. Our artists are thorough geniuses, and best in the business, when it comes to vacation caricature toons. We offer some truly astounding styles of cartoons at prices everyone will love. We have personalized caricatures on vacation that’s bound to bring a smile on your face. Be it your kids wiggling their toes in the sand, making a sand castle, swimming or flying a kite. We can transform that all in the most humorous way possible and turn them into caricatures. Our caricature artists are pure experts, and quite skilled at what they do. All you need to do is trust them and let their hands do all the talking.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Movie Caricature Toons by John

Creating great caricature toons is our forte. If you want to please your boss or do something special for your best friend’s birthday, or bedazzle your brother with a funny gift then Caricature toons are just apt for you. There is a wide variety of caricature toons available in our store. Out of many interesting ones the movie caricature toons are liked by many. They look funky, groovy and popular. The movie caricature toons can be made by cartooning your picture with a movie star, or your caricature going to a movie with a tub full of popcorn. Such caricatures are funny, loveable and also define one’s personality. If, you have a friend who is an absolute movie buff, then these caricatures can best define him. This can be the best gift for a person like him. You can let your imagination run wild for a movie caricature toon idea. It can be something as bizarre as a Looney toon sticking onto your funnily cartooned picture or your uncle’s caricature sitting on top of a movie theatre building can be a weird and fun idea. It is an awesome feeling to receive a caricature as a gift. It also gives a certain amount of a rush to be able to think of something wacky, and spontaneous as a movie caricature toon gift idea. These caricatures can be printed on items like t-shirts, caps, mugs, badges, photo frames, and they can also be sketched and kept as a sweet souvenir. There are many ways to keep a caricature etched in your home forever. If you happen to throw a theme party at your place, then you can probably gift your guests with t-shirts having a movie celebrity’s caricature on it. Each celebrity caricature can define each of your guest’s nature and personality.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Surfing Caricature Toons by Jonathan

Surfing is splashy, surfing is fun! Cutting through the foamy ocean waves can be quite a thrilling idea! Bringing this very feeling onto print with the same amount of fervor can be possible only if a jazzy surfing caricature toon is in it. A funny surfing caricature toon of your Dad on a surfing boat can look extremely hilarious as well as energizing at the same time. Surfing itself is a refreshing and adventurous game, so it definitely has the ability to enliven the entire picture. A colorful surfing board, waves slashing onto it, the wind against the board and the funny caricature of your adventure loving cousin surfing along! Wouldn’t this be the best gift one can receive? So, wait no more…just go for it! Gift your friend who loves surfing, with one of these. Yes, you can get your desired caricature done at our store ‘Caricature Toons’ and be delighted with your customizations fit exactly into the picture that our caricaturist makes. You can imprint the surfing caricature toons on a t-shirt, a funky cap, on mugs, paintings and sketches, and you can also make stickers out of them to stick on the glass behind your car, or on the door of your bedroom. Get as creative as you can, and blend the tinge of humor that these caricatures bring into your life. Caricatures are a funny representation of our human self! You can add in any shade of one’s nature into a caricature with the help of background, expression, and feature enhancements. Similarly, the surfing board caricature toon is a representation of a person who is sporty, fun-loving, dares to surf on the stubborn waves and who loves adventure in life!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Dance Caricature Toons by Peter

We all know that dancing requires confidence but at the same did we also know that dancing also helps in building up confidence on as well as off the dance floor? You can boost up your morale and perk up your social life through sheer dancing. Dancers are known to be more confident and are without a doubt more aware of their bodies than the non-dancers. Be it any form of dance salsa, ballroom, belly dancing, swing, tap dancing or even jive simply get grooving and boost your confidence levels to the levels you thought you never had and to keep these amazing memories we’ll seal them up for you with our caricatures. Yes, you got that right we prepare dance caricature toons to keep your dancing memories forever etched in your minds. As someone very aptly quoted “Work like you do not need the money, love like your heart has never been broken, and dance like no one is watching. Dance caricature toons have become a hit and are in vogue in the recent times. They can be put up in various forms and can make some really lovely gift products. For instance, they can be used as birthday gifts or even weddings. They are flexible and can easily be imprinted on mugs, mouse pads, water bottles, T-shirts, aprons, tote bags, buttons, coasters, luggage tags, playing cards, tiles, canvas, cards, stickers. They can even be used in frames or as wall hangings so you see the list is endless.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cheerleading Caricature Toons by Rakesh

The cheerleading caricature toons can be used for sporty occasions at high schools and colleges. The funky cheerleading routines have always been a part of any kind of sports event in schools and colleges. Whether it is a basketball match, a soccer game, a hand ball match, or a college sports day, cheerleading has conventionally been a part of them. A cheerleading team usually dances on catchy sing-songs that contain the names of the team which they belong. A cheerleading caricature toon is very cheerful and cute to look at. It can be an ideal gift for your sister who is a part of her college cheerleading team, or your girlfriend who has been an amazing cheerleader all this while. These caricatures of your dear one holding too pom-poms in a leaping pose can look very adorable. These caricatures can be brought out on key chains, badges, t-shirts, tote caps, cards, sketches, magazines, coffee mugs and on sheets that look like posters. You can create a fun and spunky cheerleading caricature toon at our caricature store and gift to your friend or family member. The role of a cheerleader suits the bets on young college and high school girls. This can be the best gift for a girl of this age group. Your mother who had been a cheerleader in her times would also be delighted to get a caricature of her cheering away with joy! So, on your mom’s birthday this kind of a caricature on a greeting card will surely draw a smile on her face. Such gifts are unique and memorable in nature.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Graduation Caricature Toons by John

Graduation is indeed that one memorable day for students who wait right from the time they step into a school. It is one of those proud moments in a student’s life as well as for the teachers, parents, friends, and everybody’s who cares and values a graduation degree. It’s the day when students complete their education, and are all set to step into the real world, and make their own vocational or career decisions. Have you considered gifting something to your friends for successfully completing their Graduation? Well, Graduation Caricatures Toons is a superb way to get a smile on your buddy’s face. Caricature Toons personalized graduation caricatures are a fabulous and unique gift for a person to remember his graduation for a really long time. We have lots and lots of thrilling ideas for Graduation Caricature Toons that have some magnificent caricature drawing of the students to remind them of their perseverance and hard work. All you need to do is tell us the style you would prefer, and the rest is up to our extremely talented and skilled artists. This is the time to congratulate the individual and wish the person the very best in life for journeys ahead.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Soccer Caricature Toons By Gaby

Soccer is indisputably the most popular game in the world. It gets more number of viewers around the world than any other game. All this game requires are just a soccer ball and some sort of goal to kick the ball into. No wonder this game has taken the world in frenzy. Do you have a soccer enthusiast in your home? Does your loved one stick to his/her couch watching Sports TV throughout the day during the soccer season? Does your son or daughter play good soccer? Here, is a unique idea to show your affection and appreciation to your soccer-crazed loved ones. Gift them a soccer caricature toon portraying them as its funny characters. They will surely have a hearty laugh upon seeing the toon. Caricature is all fun and entertainment both for the creators and the customers. You can realize your dream of tackling with the football legend Ronaldinho through our funny soccer caricature toons.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Tennis Caricature Toons by Gaby

Tennis is regarded as one of the most exalted sports in the world. Tennis players are the most respected and popular sport persons in the world.People go crazy just to get a glimpse of their favorite tennis star. If you have the passion for the game of tennis and want to experience the thrill and excitement of the game, then just log on to “tennis caricature toons”.
You can be your favorite tennis stars on tennis caricature toons. Be a star that is idolized by millions around the world. Imagine standing in the centre court of a grand slam final, with a racquet in your hand and thousands of fans in the court is chanting your name.You can recreate history by creating the hall of famers in the game of tennis. Live your dream “tennis caricature toons”.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Basketball caricature toons by John

Wanna be a part of the world's most popular game??? Caricature Toons brings you Basketball caricature toons.
Basketball caricature toons need no special occasion to be gifted. They just need the right time because they can have a deep impact on the player of the game, and can be capable of motivating the player. If you were a part of the team in school or college, you would undoubtedly want to keep the sweet memories etched in your mind forever.

Visit our gallery and you will be awestruck by the fantastic designs our caricaturists can come up with and are willing to do a lot more just for you!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Boating Caricature Toons by Dukudraw

Impress your loved ones by a funny boating caricatures. Be it retirement, birthday, or a wedding anniversary, a boating caricature toon makes a splendid gift. Think of funny boating situations like, the subject gleefully rowing his/her leaky canoe towards the edge of a waterfall.

If you are a boating enthusiast, you'll love our boating caricature toons. Just send us your photograph and give us a brief description of your habits, likes and dislikes. We will make an attractive caricature portraying you indulging in your favorite past time.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Hunting Caricature Toons by Luiz

Does your husband enjoy the hunting on weekends? Does your grandpa take immense pride in his hunting spoils? How about gifting them hunting caricature toons this wedding anniversary or birthday!
Your husband never sets out for hunting without his favorite double-barrel hunting gun? We will find a comical situation where he is shown as carrying his most-prized gun.

All you need to do is to give us their picture and a description of their hunting interests and We will find a funny situation for the subject according to their interests and habits. Recreate the hunting experience in a humorous caricature toon and treasure it in your memories for the years to come!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Football Caricature Toons by Gaby

Football Fever????

Create any football star that you like at a click of a button. Explore your creativity and passion for football through football caricature toons.
Create sports stars like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and many other football stars that you like or create your own football caricature toon team.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What our customers say about us...

I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the toon from John. AND how accommodating and attentive John was to our vision and to our need for a short turnaround time. Everyone in the office is amazed at the quality of the work and how well John nailed the caricature of our retiree and his wife!
We’re keeping your contact information handy!

Thanks so much,

Caricature Toons brings you Fishing Caricature Toons

Fishing is considered to be a sport of suppleness, finesse, patience, and skills. See yourself sitting by a lake on a rock, with a fishing rod in your hands. Just imagine all the scenery and the quiet sounds of wildlife.

Fishing caricature toons can be found while sitting in a nice, colorful boat. A beautiful sunset can be a perfect add on to get you completely enthralled with the work our caricature artists can do.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wedding Caricature by Albert

A “Wedding day” is the happiest day of the two people who are in love with each other. Each bride wants her day to be different from the others. If, you are amongst the to-be bride and you too wish to stand out from others, then how about taking up wedding caricature toons?

Caricatures make an entertaining and exciting addition to a wedding. Weddings are too memorable an occasion to pass, and you sure can make them last a lifetime A wedding blended with witty and comical themes is quite unique and what better way than to have wedding caricature toons.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Car Caricature Toon by Steven

Owning the best cars of the world has always been a dream for many inhabitants of the earth. However, such dream machines come with expensive price tags, that most of us cannot afford. Experience of owning your favorite cars can be a reality with “car caricature toons”, at free of cost.

On car caricature toons, we help you to create your favorite dream machine. You can create any model and any make of the car and customize the car according to your wish. Put all the accessories that you would like your car to have. Design the graphics on the car out of your imagination, which you would like.

Let your creativity run wild with car caricature toons.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Football Caricature Toons

Football is the undisputed champion amongst all sports. It is the world’s favorite sport. Every year, billions of people watch this sport from their homes, or make their presence felt at a football stadium.

Ask a child, what brings a smile on his face. The instant reply that will come from his mouth will be "cartoons". Caricature is a type of art that has been synonymous with the creation of cartoons. Imagine if you can combine both caricature and the game of football? It will be one of the most thrilling experiences to see football caricature toons. You can explore your creativity and passion for football through football caricature toons. You can create sports stars like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and many other football stars that you like.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Newly made caricature by Richard

Get grooving and boost your confidence levels to the levels you thought you never had and to keep these amazing memories we’ll seal them up for you with our caricatures.

Get ready and get them imprinted forever! when you buy from us, these caricaturetoons will not be just a cartoon caricatures, but you’d getting a piece of art that will be cherished for years to come.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Caricatures by Steven

My name’s Steven. As a kid, I would always find myself at the opposite end of 2B Venus. I drew my way through high school, the Navy and art school. I started to sell cartoons to the major mags and soon got into the ad agency loop with cartoons in audio-visual presentations. Free-lanced my way from studio to studio in the Big Apple. Tried to syndicate but always came up with something that was ahead of its time. Started to caricature for some extra income and finally established myself in doing Cartoon Portraits as I'm doing now. At this point, I work from photos only. A photo will not move and it won't talk back as when you would work a live audience. I submit a rough idea to a client and once approved of the content I go into finished art and then go to mailing. As long as I can keep these creative juices going I’ll keep on drawing because I feel that if ya snooze you're gonna lose.