Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Caricatures by Steven

My name’s Steven. As a kid, I would always find myself at the opposite end of 2B Venus. I drew my way through high school, the Navy and art school. I started to sell cartoons to the major mags and soon got into the ad agency loop with cartoons in audio-visual presentations. Free-lanced my way from studio to studio in the Big Apple. Tried to syndicate but always came up with something that was ahead of its time. Started to caricature for some extra income and finally established myself in doing Cartoon Portraits as I'm doing now. At this point, I work from photos only. A photo will not move and it won't talk back as when you would work a live audience. I submit a rough idea to a client and once approved of the content I go into finished art and then go to mailing. As long as I can keep these creative juices going I’ll keep on drawing because I feel that if ya snooze you're gonna lose.

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