Saturday, 12 November 2011

Matty O, Staying Strong and Positive...

This was a recent post from one of our satisfied customers, Matty O. Thanks for the great words and support. You can check out his blog at Below is what Matty had to say about caricature toons. He made the Captoon Blush...

Well you can see on top of my blog that I have a caricature that Heather had created for me.  Well, I am excited to tell everyone that the company we got the toon made from has just released a new site with A LOT more options for everyone!

As you can see from my toon it is high quality and I personally love it.  Whenever I meet people for the first time they tell me they knew who I was because I look just like my toon haha.

So Christmas is coming up, and if you are looking for a unique gift idea this is what you NEED to do.  Go to this site:

As a special promo... 
Use the code: SMILE in order to get 10% off your order!!!

They are very easy to make, and their service was outstanding for Heather to create my caricature toon!  They send you a proof to approve or you have the option to revise it and change it before final approval.  At the very least you have to go and see all of the products that you can get your toon printed on!  Heather went ahead and printed my toon on my Birthday cake last year!!!

I have no affiliation with this company except that I had a great experience and fully support them!  Do it TODAY!

Thanks for reading!!!

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