Friday, 11 November 2011

Welcome to Caricature Toons...

Welcome to Caricature Toons blog, Caricature Toons the website is now officially launched and open for business.

Just a brief background. Caricature Toons was started by me Bryan "The Captoon" Payne. I love to have fun and for years has been doing caricatures for family and friends. Eventually it just grew into a business.

The Captoon then realized that you "need a stroke for every folk" and I started adding others caricature artists styles from around the globe. It's an awesome site in that it is easy to order a caricature, the prices are great and we're sure you'll love it. Plus, you can't lose, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

The one thing a caricature always does is brings a smile to someones face and in to help that happen we are having a Opening Special deal, use the Coupon Code SMILE at checkout and receive 10% off until December 31st on any caricatures or products we sell that you can have your caricature Printed on.

Life should always be fun!!!

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