Friday, 23 March 2012

English Football Caricature Toons by Gaby

Every football aficionado knows how popular English football is or else also known as English Premier League. Since, its inception in the year 1992. Till date, it is the most glamorous and most watch football league around the world. Every English football clubs page on social networking sites boast millions and millions of followers and fans. The revenues of several clubs are sky rocketing. Do you look up to English football Superstar footballer as a role model? Do You live, breathe and eat football? It is often that, you have no mood when your favorite football club looses a match as you end up biting your nails. Is collecting images of your favorite football star your hobby? So, now is your chance to get hold of your favorite player by using Caricature cartoons. You can create your favorite footballer or coaches with the wackiest and craziest character. This sure will give you a smile on your face whether your team loose or win matches. If you have been considering gifting something which is valuable, and creative to your pals, who are football craze. Then, the best choice you can decide on is to present them a caricature cartoon. You can create cartoon strips of Rooney to Van Persie to Drogba, literally any names and players you like. Using humor when you are creating a caricature cartoon can be as enjoyable as an Oscar script if there’s a place for false impression, e.g. with superstar Fernando Torres losing his form, you can let him score several goals match after match. This at least can happen on caricature. Caricature cartoon depicting the Carlos Tevez- Mancini saga will also be a real hit. Just go wild with your creativity.

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