Saturday, 24 March 2012

Martial Arts Caricature Toons by Gaby

From the time you were young, you thought of performing stunts that you witnessed on television, ignoring several warnings, most popularly, the "Please don’t try this at home" awareness. Almost every person with or without siblings come across the time when they act like the character Tom and Jerry, only that we are not a cat and a mouse. Memories can be cherished all time. Imagine your life is animated as a comic strip. Ask yourself, how fun and sweet it will be to have our earlier days as Martial arts caricature toons. Most importantly, who will fill the booth of the Villains? While you automatically single out the hero role. A caricature in action looks funny and confers a humorous message. The thought of you somersaulting and single handedly taking on your enemies sounds like an action movie. The protagonist played by you. This can happen here, as we will create caricature toons of your choice with uniqueness and well-organized cartoon.

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