Saturday, 17 March 2012

Extreme Sports Caricature Toons by Peter

People around the world always tend to play safe. Most of us do not do things that are off the hook. Most days of our lives are similar to the other days. There is little or no adventure in our life. Fear is the biggest thing that stops most of us to do things in a different manner. That’s the reason most people in the world are alike. People don’t want to take risks in their so called ‘perfect life’, which is directly proportional to the adjective ‘boring’. The formula for an adventurous and exciting life style is not to play safe. We should learn to take some risks in life; this is the spice of life. The best way to make your life exciting and adventurous is to participate in extreme sports. Adventure, risk, excitement, courage, endurance, etc. are adjectives that define extreme sports. An extreme sport is a term given to the number of sports activities, which involve a high level of danger. Extreme sports are also popularly known as free sports, action sports and adventure sports. The sport usually involves speed, height, stunts and physical exertion. In many countries, extreme sports are also regarded as “counter culture”. However, in spite of their belief, it is not a counter culture. There are numerous activities that are included in extreme sports, like base jumping, free ski, wild water rafting, surfing, bungee jumping, surfing, BMX, skateboarding and many more. People indulging in extreme sports surely live life off the edge.

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