Wednesday, 21 March 2012

School Caricature Toons by John

Who wouldn’t love to be back in the schooldays? We have alumni gatherings, school-gang get-together and other back-to-school events to bask in the memory of those carefree days of childhood! You will love to relish each of these unforgettable moments! So why not put them on a paper and frame them to cherish in your hearts? A funny caricature toon will be the best idea to surprise your school pals with. Think of some memorable and hilarious experience of schooldays and share it with us. Also, give us photographs of you and your pals who were involved in the situation. Our skilled caricaturists will design a funny toon depicting you and your friends being caught up in that funny incident. These artists are experts in picking up details from photographs. They accentuate the facial features skillfully, while preserving the integrity to give the characters a comical look and make the caricature more humorous. School Caricatures make a perfect gift for your schoolmates on special get-together events and alumni meets. It is indeed a great pleasure to relive those memorable moments of schooldays through these cute caricature toons. For those of your friends who seem lost in the busy schedule of career and life, these toons will be a breeze of fresh air. They will cherish these memorable drawings in their heart of hearts for all the time to come! These caricatures will mean a lot to the less fortunate of your friends, who are still trying hard to make their ends meet. These toons will surely spread a smile on their faces and give them a new spark of hope.

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