Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Caricatures by Charlie

My name is Charlie and I live in Tucson Arizona. I’ve always wanted to be an illustrator ever since childhood. I did my first caricature for the high school newspaper. It was for an editorial on wrestling and depicted the wrestling coach. I got in real hot water with the coach over that, but my journalism teacher backed me up. All in all it was a very encouraging experience.

I’m recently re-married have 24 year old boy/girl twins and a 28 year old Daughter from previous marriage.

I majored in fine art with the University of Illinois. My first art job was creating hand painted signs for outdoor advertising. I later worked as a textile designer for fifteen years. I started freelancing full-time about two years ago and besides caricatures; I design textiles such as throws, tapestries, and upholstery. I also design 3d sculpted metal products such as belt buckle, medallion, and coins using 3d software.

I created period piece hand painted billboards for the TNT movie “White Heat” and I illustrated birds for the iBird app for the iPhone.

Everyone has a unique nose, chin, eyes and headshape. I look at those things on a person and see what makes that person unique. I then exaggerate those features. What I like most about doing caricatures is bringing out the personality and life energy of the subject.

I’m new to Caricaturetoons, but my experience has been very positive. They are very supportive.

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