Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Caricatures by Janiel

My name’s Janiel and I lived in Philippines. I was just a student, a college student and I get into caricature when I was in high school. My friends pay me for their caricature version of their selves. Well about my family, I lived with my mom, dad and two annoying sisters. I am the only guy in the family except for my dad. About my art background, drawing is my hobby, I love drawing into my notes, doodling while listening to my teacher. I have an odesk and I work doing cartoons, arts, etc. I am a graphic artist. My style is so different from the others... more cute, more unique and I guess more anime than the others. I am happy with my style and hopefully people will like it too. What I like in doing caricature is the fact that I can play with my imagination and the other one is the reaction of the people when they see the caricature version of them. I love the way they laugh when they see it and the way they liked it, it was so epic for me.

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