Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Caricatures by Jody

I am Jody and I lived in Kelowna B.C for the past 4 months. I have no kids and live with my husband. I started doing caricatures around half a year ago with friends and family, most of the work I've done is mainly for practice. I was mostly doing tattoo design and fantasy art for clients as well as some pet portraits.

My style is of Japanese manga/anime and it depends on the image, my mood or client whether it is Chibi (small body with big eyes, less detail) or normal (relativity well per-portioned)

I was looking for an online job and I found site that were specialized in promoting freelance artists. I thought why not try it...and that's how I found Caricaturetoons.com

I find caricatures easier to draw then making something up completely from scratch, I'm not sure why but it seems I get things done faster with them.

I haven't been with Caricaturetoons long, but I’m sure that I'll have lots of fun!

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